Lance Phillips



Jays overclock that; the Furies from cattails.

Beginning a physical dump of memory; having attracted such attention what is the ornament of one’s walk?

I—well, there is a partition in recognizing one draws an acceptable comparison between the wrens at the feeder and a certain largesse toward which one wrings one’s hands in the manner of creating a sphere. Tug; specificity thumb adds to distorting the mouth. Custodial.

One addresses as protection the winged ants spaced across the garage wall.

Any manner of solitude requiring the dissolution of the human form—I can’t expect to keep saying these things and, in the end, know what it is I’m talking about.

One calls the attention to a physical person and it passes; daemon, surely the shadow on the street.

I am repeating myself by relaying the Natural world.

What can one take beyond the method: orange drop cord as simply a circle around the neck?


One cannot, palatial, conjure the specific, each arc into hawk. Decline. Position the head: red-winged blackbird: convulsant.

An upswing or stride across one thought, knees to shoulders: Orgasm: and Animal Realm; genital vs. ego; and God Realm; and Realm of the Hungry Ghosts. The slap one makes to transpire the moment.

What is the appropriate condition to mount against talk, her hair held taut?

Cited thus, tulip; flesh colored. To and from: choicest for Charon.

Morphography, one gleans apple from the kitchen air, sharp, attaching information to the body one tends

the body? One mustn’t via hawk’s swell & lunge discharge.

Lunge: one wishes that tree between realms. Swell: misnomer one insists branches among the dead.

One crushes what, preoccupied, hilltop.

Large hand one moves among hands. Analogous to a stunted capacity for expression we are all talking about. Image control. He’d made that blanket covering his body.

Effrontery his forced breathing brings.

Transformation’s attached to the body?

Bluebirds dictate that entrance.

The holly’s young, black leaves.

Compulsion toward an increased violence, including striking and manipulating her flesh, has the effect of extending one’s body? Sheet into her fists balled. Predictables. One doesn’t expect the latter. Spinach, rosemary and tomatoes.

the bruises

just grew soft, massing eyes


, clearly, the body is arrived at through those inhibitions

ear and face the same red

Mourning dove: One tires with being a person. Owl: Horizon his arms mimic. Fineries: Simply

“One’s body covered in eyes.”

The age that I am when I feel that. By partitioning, wait a minute, by partitioning the mink hat occurs to all of them. By partitioning: what about me. One has ensconced, by partitioning, a coping mechanism as one’s aesthetic?

Their wings, bluebird under crow, touch and one starts narrative elements.

Hit the tree dew discharged.

Have heard that cough, obsessively; caught obsessively.

Pulled from bee, under bluebird’s house, wings.

What is emotion in accordance with events.

This having occurred and because of it more/less likely will occur. One moves to include the body by ever more extreme measures. Buzzing the fly is a bee.

Know you are there but cannot feel you. Earwig. Curlicue. Sink.

One caretakes that, her throat held, image enabling its anti-heroism.

Wind fails against the house. Speaking, runoff-lake, grackle fails against the house.

I cannot expect

to keep saying these things and know what repulsion that crow, that yellow line constitute.

One purses the lips as a solvent against what comes next, flare nostrils, body-salts set to winnow the
space between them.

The bird a wrapper; its little wing.

The lesions are flat and their red circumferences, effective eyes covering her abdomen.

Bluebird chick, sufficient.

Even if the Trickster itself is ignored, or better yet surpassed, one stoops and the fledgling’s nature coincides with some mnemonic.


Lance Phillips has published three books of poems (Corpus Socius, Cur Aliquid Vidi and These Indicium Tales) with Ahsahta Press and has a fourth (Mimer) forthcoming from the same in 2015. He lives in Huntersville, NC with his wife and two children.