Susana Gardner


I am tired of the absence of light
    and Timestamps
                Restrictions in the boxwood
Nothing but lust for         this sideways self-cast
     Shadows create

Each self tapped      thus removed from sunshine and
     Congregations of Exes

          I too form a second self in light
     I also absent myself there
blackbirds bluebirds      heal the sky
In unknown energy in
     Lexiconic wingspans
Forgotten temples
          Let’s translate
          1000 points of light
          Enroll it in the Sun
Fuse distance

I want to be ruby-throated
and inevitable Solitary,
I often wake to the sound
of a false sea
Ruby-throated and
anonymous— I don’t want a poetics
Filled with air or a false sea
My breakers erode a thievery so open
it is no longer classifiable as theft
Or out of control even
but speckle-faced sea shanties
staging small protests
along the coast of my form
Birdsong nothings season my before boredom
     an apocalypse
pulsed green tender

>>pornographic wants<<
this new season where change and
warmth and ugly frighten against us
repeat    to repeat    on repeat
Oh zombie apocalypse, where have you stashed our few remaining wayward poets?
A thus cornered market? Then robot me ein Genie!

Understand what I am saying
Don’t trust what seems

Vaguely romantic gestures      only ever undulate strange

Foreign    Seam awkward    and afraid

Susana Gardner is the author of three full-length poetry collections, [ LAPSED INSEL WEARY ] (The Tangent Press, 2008), HERSO (Black Radish Books, 2011) . Her third book, CADDISH came out with Black Radish in 2013. She lives in Rhode Island, where she also edits and curates the online poetics journal and experimental kollektiv press, Dusie.