N/A is a journal for work that bends genre but doesn’t break it. Things don’t have to be “poems” or “fiction” or “non-fiction,” (though they can be, of course). We don’t do theme issues or try to find work that fits together with what we’ve already accepted, we just look for work that engages us.

General emails should be directed to nalitjournal@nalitjournal.com


Amish Trivedi, Editor
françois luong, “Technical Consultant”


Submissions will be open until September 1, 2014.

Send 3-5 poem-like things, 1 story-like thing, 1 essay-like thing, or  reasonable number of whatever other things (PLEASE try to keep your submissions to 10 pages) in a Word doc to submissions@nalitjournal.com. If you have a hand-written or typewriter-typed work, that’s ok, but send as an image file in that case. We’re happy to look at translations. We’ll need originals as well for that.

Please note the following as well:

We publish 8-10 people per issue so that we can give proper focus to those we publish. As a result, it does take us some time to whittle down and respond so please be patient.

If you’ve been in our journal during the last twelve months, please do not send along again unless you have a really compelling reason.

All rights revert to the authors upon publication in N/A, and the works can then be published elsewhere, though we we hope you might mention N/A as the original publisher of the work. We’re fine with simultaneous submissions but would like to know if a work has been taken elsewhere. We do not consider previously published work.

We may expand to other things, so watch this space.