Charles Bernstein

Charles Bernstein is Director of of Dysraphic Research, Center for the Study of of Pataque(e)rical Phenomena. More info:

They Also Serve Who Wade

What did I tell you? And you never
listen, either. Never did, never do.
Half a loaf’s not as good as none.
No distraction. And when you get
there you forget what you came for.
Little matter as long as the restlessness
doesn’t turn to full-scale psychosis,
or even if it did, who are you to talk?

Seldom Splendor

a fine cold mist descends

                            on Carroll Park

     the swing swings empty

          benches bare


There was a young lady from New York
Who dined each night on southern fried pork.
One day she went hunting
For pumpkins in the ocean
That silly young lady from New York.