Jason Christie

Jason Christie’s poetry has appeared in many journals and magazines, including filling Station, dANDelion, Poetry is Dead, Action, Yes!, The Capilano Review, West Coast Line, ditch, and Interim. Jason is the author of i-ROBOT Poetry (http://www.edgewebsite.com/books/irobotpoetry/ir-catalog.html), Canada Post (http://snarebooks.wordpress.com/books/jason-christie/) and Unknown Actor (http://www.insomniacpress.com/title.php?id=978-1-55483-101-2). He is also an editor alongside angela rawlings and derek beaulieu of the anthology Shift & Switch: New Canadian Poetry (http://www.themercurypress.ca/?q=books/shift_switch). 

Invocation beginning in Lucretius

In need, instead of
The sea say Neptune.

Instead of grain
Say Ceres. In need

Speak of Bacchus
Instead of wine.

Say Apollo instead
of solar wind.

Say chaos instead of
Wandering Rocks or

In need, instead of
Saying say said,

Instead of Real
Say really or

Instead of need
Say compound interest.

In the stead of instead
Say always already.

In need, say nothing
Instead of please help.

Instead of saying stead,
Say Earth, in need of

A saying instead of
The Said, say we tried.

Instead of revoking, invoke
Away, say parallax, say

Instead, resolving to a point
Somewhere near the Sun, say
We waited, in need, for nothing.

Violet (Opening to Philosophy)

of snapping branches
plummet and abundance,
sticks and stones like
simple metrics track
progress as dim tinder tallies
like kindling against bright sparks
or counting each place smoke rises
from these fields of fires, people
crowd together and repeat or
where smoke rises blink twice or
create graphs to track rise or fall
moon phases filling or fallow
I rise to find the tides that
matter in their depth and
height, trough and peak,
valley and crest, I rise afield
and in rising find light which is not
the opposite I was expecting for
whatever I call dark,
we didn’t start the fire

in progress of snapping withheld light
branches, smoke, a natural plummet
and abundance or contrary to forests
a direct decline a line stretched afield
taut and comprised all blended
wires, all light transit or deluded
movement to rally against each
phasic slump or hedging growl
each plural attempt at singularity
where all else fails against data
against walls around everyone’s
surprised and desperate location
a line stretched, in each poem
taught and prized articulations
of the plunging neckline or
economy of the rising tides
of the plummeting ridgeline or
economy of inverted hollows
buffeting markets never with
a glimpse nor kind attempt
at surfacing the problem
with new paint such trends
pointing and just pointing
pretend weather occurs
for narrative embellishment
it storms, it rains, it is cold

where people gather together
and repeat cycles of smoke and fire,
smoke and fire plummet and
a terrible abundance of ash
or I shake into another’s
unaffordable river view or
desirable narrative, each forest
contrary to a decline of plastic
nature and progress, a blended
respect for natural ‘occurrences’
where smoke rises in a neat narrative
that people circle wearing wreathes for
each fast thought, a subtracted people
from last year’s crop, subtle detractors
move away from such blazes
to escape choking on smoke
pretending a narrative contrary
to a decline that circles or
plans for momentum, diagram
for interconnectedness or
a girdle for opportunity or
yoking uncollected energy
forward thinking and alphabetic
establishment from fake wood
brick, metal and plastic bits
an home for words, I dwell
where I keep the crowd
from the smoke that rises
from my fires, lit screens or
passing on generosity
permeable filters or records
smoke rises and mingles

directly on a line of continuity
drawn from fire to fire and song
or left cycling forever, short, short, long
against a relatively declining narrative
people raise a motion to recognize
plummet and abundance, lines slapped
on my brightly lit plastic screen
protected by wood, glass and brick
metal stretching under my feet, retching
from fire to fire following low ground,
narrative rewards and gravity
an opening to flow, force, oxygen
rushing onward once
a conduit appears against
seepage, tightened fast
to secure connectivity
with such a network people
imagine no end to supply
dipping into collective wealth
to withdraw agreement; we —
the snow covering the trees, it
is lovely this time of year, a snow
where one season of my skin
ends and your mouth begins
to dramatize winter against
the rushing thaw I encounter
filling underground reservoirs
spilling over each burst dam
along its way to my bright circles
and surging against each check
I purchase to mediate power
an electric nod toward smoke —
fires quaintly compete with light
my hubris protected by walls or
wood, metal, glass and plastic
our safety from weather these
bits caught in globes to show
superior tech overrides flow
organizes each cycle into
productive, safe conductivity
each measured surge passes
through conduits, each measured
thought dwells for a time, defines
a time during which it dwells
then moves against political ‘occurrences’
or a narrative of plummet and abundance
which is to say we clipped each peak
and made each trough shallow, even

of snapping branches, plummet
and abundance, simple metrics
track and create progress as
tinder and kindling against sparks
where smoke rises from fires
we crowd together and repeat
where smoke rises from our fires
I track and create progress with
snapping branches, natural
plummet and abundance
contrary to a direct decline
weather, I pretend, occurs
for my embellishment
it storms, it rains, it is cold.
cold rain storms around
my fire forces us together
and apart from the rest
shelter and calm, unbalanced
our embellishments claim us