Craig Rebele

Craig Rebele lives in Oakland. His poems have appeared in places such as New American Writing, BlazeVox, Eleven Eleven, and The Otoliths, among others.

from Artificial Wildlife Sanctuary

Synthetic protein structures injected into its mold repeatedly. Mass-produced tree frogs chirping mechanical songs. The new city ordinance smells like a dung heap and the mayor calls it correct and necessary. It frightens me to know that Dee Snyder votes republican.

Today, two coffees are insufficient, and the sentence pattern lacks variance.

Your hair is a bouffant assaulted by a lawnmower and my St. Bernard translates Romanian prose when he visits The Esteemed University. Why do you think that? I don’t cut onions very well, but I can mince garlic. The grocer sings my shopping list to me as he rings it up. His notes, acute angles, decaying as they count your change.

I can’t see straight today and the police officer smells quite nice.


The deer frolic in the yard because they are told the history of language is the history of violence, and what else is there on a muggy Thursday morning? The woods today are heavy with trees, the trees are heavy with cogged branches. Did you just say elections? No, this can’t be satire. In the news all I see are reminders of a gigantic presidential erection. Imagine Peter Parker in Wonder Woman’s outfit and you’ll understand post-capitalism. Phallus and farce.

The fox radiates inward. The fox radiates inward. The radiation is arithmetic.

The postcard I never sent made it to you, and now an interrogation with a side of antibiotics. Who do you think you are? The mailman? The crazy dog is crazy, he is the only one to laugh at my jokes. Echoing out into the city, the nouns dissipate.


I only selected coccyx because it’s funny. Don’t you get it? All the poet’s work was ghost written by a molecular biologist with a heart condition. I’m responsible for the theft of the crown jewels.

The bottom of Marble Canyon is littered with discarded prepositional phrases. There is a reality TV show concerning this.

Tell me my clothes match. Tell me the pneumatic drill still works. Tell me.

The absolute value plotted on a non-euclidian map will lead you to the valley of lemurs.


The sun is so bright. Let me prove it to you. Seeing a rabbit eat lettuce counts as one daily serving of vegetables. Seeing a fox eat a rabbit counts as being an accomplice. Never forget the the Battle of Hastings. It helps define a sense of self, dependent clauses.

These cages can’t keep the plastic ducks contained forever. They will fly off soon and our car is up on blocks.Survived by a doll with no eyes, pair of wax lips, a Lissajous curve for a nose.

Banjo’d and blinged. You can’t see your own ass through a microscope. Moses and Montezuma split the bill, but you get the tip. Manufactured and tectonic’d into place, we wait for the Made-For-TV Movie.