Marina Blitshteyn

Marina Blitshteyn is a writer living in Brooklyn, NY. She curates the la perruque performance series and is a contributing editor for Apogee Journal. Her chapbook, Russian for Lovers, was published by Argos Books in 2011. She works as an adjunct instructor of literature and composition.

an erasure of x

novels are                                  like anything

                                         you open with

your teeth,

            and when you are done

you insert yourself            into the world

feeling less           safe

an erasure of x

                                                  you have to
pull out
                    you say          so you picture
a blossoming                              the blooming
                              out from

came          out of all this

an erasure of x

Asleep in the sty, or upon waking,
with the wind blowing the wrap
erases you now: picture
a fat back cat in the garden pursued
by a thin brown fox, and
as he runs
it’s the inauguration of chance,
the discovery of luck. He draws lots
as left or right
comes down to
what is smiling on
him in the night
or what quickens the fox
as he gains.