Gina Abelkop

Gina Abelkop is newly a resident of Athens, GA, where she resides with her sweetheart & two funny dogs. Her first book, Darling Beastlettes, came out in 2012 from Apostrophe Books.

Ghost Mommy

Spooky mother 
put your body about 

your child    

She is of you-
your kind-    Your sun-bleached 

gown   Her banquet 
of childishness

Give her planters    Sucketh out marrow
Spill it back toward    your daughter’s

unnamable light

A Cutting

What makingeth my yuck body so ru’ned 
Mine spoon-sized tool of cut,
mine syncopated rut?

I am one tin-scarred boon, sweet
sullied spider-thigh, big land of skin

Ropey swatch peeled away leaves blubber split 
all over mine ground        No poor babe in woods 
Actual,     dumb invited swim, in name of swill 

no less       If not maketh ‘em go then what-y, what for
to tell suitors of scaley pulls and moon-white
stalks?               Can I say yes yes, blithering fool,
once upon, long gone?    No no no mine pulling lip sweet

Say god-made, say “of mine design”    Say anything
but long thought of sorries       Yuck body
belonged to mine        I’ve made much alone, being
loved to it       like blood to cut


Must have some currency with a slug
to put it out like that    Not give it back     but

Released into a dry cold bed    outside my door

a slugged path marked     soon by its slugging

Shiny punching its way slowly forward     Not answering to no one

Not caring     none for me     or my kind release     
Beholden to no one      rigor-formed bee