Kate Schapira

Kate Schapira is the author of four full-length books of poetry, most recently The Soft Place (Horse Less Press), and eight chapbooks. The Ground / The Pass / The Wave just came out with Grey Book Press. She lives in Providence, RI, where she teaches at Brown University and co-runs the Publicly Complex Reading Series.

Questionnaire #1

True/False: I see land mainly as landscape.

True/False: I see landscape mainly as embarkation.

True/False: I believe that people are thinking of me, back there.

True/False: As I enter the picture. 

True/False: As I come upon the scene.

True/False: I must ask you to excuse me. 

True/False: I have a grievance to air.

True/False: One can be excluded.

True/False: I should have expected it. 

True/False: A fall to a tureen of reeds.

True/False: The earth rose up like a bowl.

True/False: I have sponged my forehead with a sponge dipped 
            in white vinegar.

True/False: I have swabbed your lips, too.

True/False: In this form, I have lips.

True/False: This is a good likeness of me.

True/False: I tote a good heart.

True/False: I came with my own comb and loom.

True/False: I was prevented by my own white hum.

Questionnaire #2

True/False: I was the crane wife in the story.

True/False: I have sailed under another name.

True/False: False colors.

True/False: Second language.

True/False: I spoke into the lapse.

True/False: Felt free to.

True/False: That falsity, that falsehood, is an option—that 
            statements can choose to be untrue.

True/False: To the best of my belief and ability.

True/False: I came with some of my own.

True/False: I’ll never forget when I realized what a lie detector 
            measures—it doesn’t know any more than the rest of us.

True/False: This sweat bee of body language.

True/False: This attentive listener.

Questionnaire #4

True/False: What I say here endures.

True/False: I wish to make my way in.

True/False: My name at birth was _____________.

True/False: My opportunities ballooned, and so on.

True/False: I have limited usefulness.

True/False: I have my way to make.

True/False: Because there are no roads in the air.

True/False: No gates, no witnesses.

True/False: You couldn’t touch me at a hundred paces.

True/False: A fall is the distance traversed.

True/False: The fall is the matter.

True/False: It’s no kind of work to fall.

True/False: It’s not hard.

True/False: I have a skilled trade.

True/False: I am worth my keep.

True/False: I fell right out of the gate.

True/False: I fell afoul of the wrong air.

True/False: I was integrated with the reeds.

True/False: The phragmites with their bias.

True/False: Invasive beds.

True/False: A house of reeds will also break.

Questionnaire #7

True/False: I have made a sudden move.

True/False: I am one of a flock.

True/False: I am one of a swarm.

True/False: I’m not even trying to be warm.

True/False: I have been reckoned delicate.

True/False: As the nature of the care we give.

True/False: Is not easily transplanted.

True/False: I appeared in a crane’s place.

True/False: I have been made.

True/False: Like a statement.

True/False: True pause. 

True/False: Can a question be false?

True/False: How does the form of the question dictate 
            the form of the answer? 

True/False: How might I be false to you?

True/False: I might be grievous.

True/False: Everyone has needs.

True/False: Everyone must get in line.

True/False: To have their needs met.

True/False: Where I meet the ground.

True/False: I have a legitimate reason.

True/False: I have been adequate.

True/False: I have woven promises.

True/False: I have drawn a bead.

True/False: At my own expense.

True/False: I should not have asked.

True/False: But a statement may be the pillar of the house.

True/False: They don’t think I’ll survive.